Hudson Valley Retreat

Unconditional Healing: Holding Sacred View During Uncertain Times

Hudson Valley Retreat

Unconditional Healing: Holding Sacred View During Uncertain Times

Adversity Exposes the Uncertainty That is Always With Us

As such, it presents an opportunity for developing bravery, wisdom and compassion for oneself and others. Uncertainty about health, career, relationships, or even our planet helps us to differentiate the essential from the superficial in our lives. We can awaken and transform even in the midst of dire circumstances.

At Holy Cross Monastery: November 1-November 3

Join this autumn retreat in the Hudson Valley which draws on meditation practice, the Alexander Technique, group reflection, discussion and support. In this workshop, we will learn:

A time-honored meditation practice that synchronizes mind and body.

How to move forward through the challenge of uncertainty and ambiguity

How to work with stress in the body as an indicator of where we are stuck

How to reduce our suffering when facing difficult or intractable situations

A practice that strengthens loving-kindness toward ourselves and cultivates wisdom in daily life

"Unconditional Healing is exactly the piece of the puzzle that I needed to understand to truly take the next step of my healing journey. The concepts of Unconditional Healing are so incredible and valid, and quite simple to understand as a beginner to any of these ideas."

“I experienced connection with other humans about our suffering…. Thank you for the gifts.”

“Thank you for bringing this into life! We are so grateful.”

“I learned techniques to help healing and a deeper understanding of dealing with illness and the feelings involved. I liked how you light you kept it. Comfortable to be ourselves.”

“Thank you, Jeff and Dan, for your kindness and compassion. It’s hard to describe how much better  Ifeel about myself and my way forward.”

“I like the strategies and philosophies of cultivating a compassionate wisdom, as well as practicalities of navigating the medical system.”

--Attendees from previous retreats

About Your Instructors

Jeff Rubin is a senior Buddhist teacher, and has directed meditation-related workshops for over 30 years. After contracting a progressive degenerative illness, Jeff began the study and practice of teachings that view illness and adversity as a stepping-stone to spiritual growth, wholeness, and unconditional well-being. He has been directing programs on Unconditional Healing since 2006.Visit Jeff's Website: Unconditional Healing

Dan Cayer is a certified Alexander Technique and meditation teacher who is committed to helping others change habitual patterns, find freedom from pain, and create a sane relationship with their body. After a serious injury left Dan unable to work or take care of himself, he attended the very first Unconditional Healing workshop in 2006, and shortly thereafter, began studying the Alexander Technique. His return to health, as well as his deep experience with the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of pain, inspired him to help others. Visit Dan's Website: Fluid Movement


Holy Cross Monastery and Guesthouse is nestled on 26 magnificent acres on the west bank of the Hudson River. Holy Cross was chosen for its peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. While attending the retreat, you may enjoy the sweeping views of the river, hiking trails, and gardens.Each participant will have a private room. Three hearty meals daily prepared by the Monastery chef (trained at the famed Culinary Institute of America) are included.


1615 Broadway (Route 9W), West Park, NY 12493